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Why our Success rate is so high

Our success rate at Ora is so high because of one secret concept that no one in the fitness industry is doing!

We are tailoring Nutrition Plans and Training Regimes that fit into your lifestyle.

I know it sounds simple right?

I see my colleagues, who are some of the industry's brightest minds, continually prescribe diet plans that don't fit into the client's life.

The nutrition plan is a 10/10 in science, but practically implemented into someone's current lifestyle may be a challenge.

We know what is best for optimal health, but we also know life!

If you are given a plan that is too far from your current lifestyle, the odds of sticking to that diet, training, or supplement regime are next to none.

You may as well kiss your money goodbye!!

This is why you have not succeeded in your previous attempts at losing weight or training for that 10km run.

Our goal is to create the perfect plan that fits your lifestyle, and we do this by tweaking your nutrition and training regime each week. We give you tips and tricks and guide you along the whole process until you reach your goal.

We are relentless, and our main goal is to ensure you achieve yours!


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