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Too Hard too soon! Creating a Training Regime.

Starting a fitness journey can be exciting, and as a trainer of 13 years, I see many people fly out of the gates and do too much too soon.

The myofascia (Muscle and Fascia) stiffens up when you start moving more.

This is the primary cause of injuries within the first two weeks of starting a new program.

It would be best to create a balanced training regime that prioritizes stretching mobility and strengthening your body.

This is even more important as we age!

As a trainer, energy levels are my leading indicator to understand if you're training too much or eating too little.

Fitness is about feeling good!! And if you're not feeling good, something needs to change.

So if you're looking at starting a new training regime or taking your first step on your fitness journey, ensure to incorporate stretching, strengthen your core (the foundation of the spine) and ensure you aren't overdoing it by monitoring your energy levels.

Suppose you need help at creating your new training regime. Then, get in touch with us today.

We are more than happy to help.


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