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Earthing & Social Connections

Ancestral Methods to improve your health

Social connections and nature.

Techniques such as earthing and feeling connected with others have been seen as fluffy hippy methods which don't have scientific backing.

But Wait…….

Science is finally catching up with what our bodies have been doing for centuries.

Let's start with Earthing.

As simple as feet on the ground for 15mins per day will help reset your body and help you sleep better, think better, and relieve tension.

A study conducted on metabolically unhealthy individuals saw changes in blood viscosity after 15min periods of standing on the grass barefoot.

Also, a study conducted on bodybuilders who were prescribed 15min of earthing (Bare feet on the ground) per day found a 250% increase in recovery time.

How does this work?

Scientists are unsure what the exact mechanisms are behind the physiological changes but realize earthing can be used to improve health markers.

Many other alternative practitioners believe our bodies and the earth create electrical charges which help reconnect us and reset our bodies back to baseline.

Social connections and their effects on mental health have a wealth of research behind it, and it's a no-brainer since we have all experienced what it feels like to be isolated over the past two years.

Social connections are as meaningful as the air we breathe. Let's make it more primal without good social ties or a "tribe," you can feel lost and unsupported.

Finding healthy connections with positive people improves your quality of life and betters your mental well-being.

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