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THE LAB is situated on beautiful green pastures just outside of Matarangi.

At the lab we focus strengthening your body and resetting your nervous system. 

We use state of the art techniques to improve your overall health and well being

Strength & Conditioning

Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac & Metabolic Systems are important to have a robust immune system and flexible metabolism. We stress all systems to achieve lean muscle growth and improve fitness levels.


We utilize the cold to improve your endocrine system and improve your metabolism. 


We work with clients with an array of injuries from disc bulges, sprains & muscle tears. We get you back to pain free and moving.

Breath Work

We use breath work to improve your autonomic nervous system. We bring you back down into a Parasympathetic State which will make you feel calm and allow you to make better decisions throughout the day. Respond not react.


We use a combination of Meat-based and paleolithic methods to improve your body composition, decrease inflammation, better your cardiovascular and metabolic health


We teach you how to breath properly to utilize all 5 lobes of your lungs. Breathing more efficiently will improve your physical out put and better oxygenate your tissue.

Our foundations

What to expect

Our clients drop between 4-8kg in the first 2 months. Their Sleep, Energy Levels and Metabolic health all improves drastically.

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