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The Bizarre World of Nutrition

The first red flag at university appeared in my first trimester on a paper about Nutrition.

We were taught how our body metabolizes macronutrients and how the body works.

Tick, tick, tick, that all made sense to me.

Then we were taught how to prescribe a meal plan. Holy Shit, I was mind blown.

Throw away all those concepts we just learned; the lecturers told us to prescribe a high carbohydrate grain-based diet, low in red meat and low Saturated Fat.

In my mind, this is like telling an apprentice mechanic that a car works well with Oil in the engine, but what we usually prescribe is water instead.

I'm from a construction background and have worked in the industry since I was 14 years old.

At 16, my Forman pushed me to do a diploma in Fitness, but I didn't entirely leave construction in my year 20's to complete my Degree in sports science.

The construction industry is where I developed my black and white approach.

Next, on to red meat, the devil of the nutrition industry next to saturated fat.

Let me stop you there!! Put on your construction brain for a second.

We have been eating animals for 1000's of years, High in Saturated Fat & High Protein.

Along those 1000's of years, when did we start consuming most of our diets with Grains, let alone highly processed grains that are sprayed with round up. Which, by the way, is listed as probable Carcinogen by the world health organization.

Our brain and our entire nervous system are made out of fat. We can burn fat effectively through Ketosis and through aerobic activity.

Protein and Saturated Fat play a considerable role in our Immune System and our endocrine system.

So limiting this food group makes no sense at all.

In the 1950s, a study was produced by Ancel Benjamin Keys.

He concluded Saturated Fats were indeed highly correlated to heart disease.

The thing is, he Cherry-picked 7 out of the 15 countries he collected data from to falsify and match his heart diseases hypothesis.

Now that's the end of my ramble and now some takeaway points!

What to eat?

Consume a diet full of Meat, Poultry, Fish, Veggies, and Fruits!

Organic Grains are also beneficial if you don't have any allergies.

Same with dairy; if your body can handle it, go for it!!

On top of Nutrition, you need to move more!! Our bodies evolved to move, not sit at a desk for 8-10hours a day. So if you are stuck in an office where you sit down a lot, prioritize working out and get your body moving!!


We are social creates, so make sure you are getting out, having fun, and spending quality time with others (not on your phone).

These are the fundamental underpinnings that make us human. So let's not complicate it!

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