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Meet The Team


Cam Smith
"Cammy Hammy"

Hi my names Cam,

The nickname Cammy Hammy came from an embarrassing(for me) situation stretching out someone’s hamstrings (ask in person, ill tell the story haha)

Moved To Matarangi in 2018 to Manage The Family Avocado Orchard.

I have a bachelors in Sport n Recreation majoring in exercise science / Primarily Studying Ketogneic Diets in my last years at uni.

Met my beautiful wife Georgia at the Gym/Netball court. She was 100% not into me at the start, apparently I was too happy and cheerful.

Took a night at the local brewery to win her over and we’ve been inseparably since.

I love Surfing ( not that good at it), Hunting (not good at this either), drinking craftys (im definitely good at this) , Eating delicious food (good at this) and on the odd occasion playing golf (horrible at this).

I have an amazing 2 year old boy who lights up my world. I cant wait to get home each day and do bombs on the tramp with him.

That’s me!! And this is my favourite picture of me & my wifey.


Georgia Smith

Hi my name is Georgia,

I have always lived a life of smashing my body at the gym and feeding it with all things natural and immunity boosting. Until I had a child!!!

My hormones changed, my body changed and my life changed!

I’m a hairdresser by trade but the gym was always my escape. Me time!

Once having my beautiful son archer who is now 2. I have had to change my life, my time and the way I spend my energy.

I still love to workout and I still love to cook but now I try to incorporate everything I want and need for my family, and myself into one.

My husband the dreamer (always positive)

My son the realist

Me the balance between too!

I will share the food that excites me and the workouts that will hurt but both you will get results.

Welcome to my family


Dylan Hawkins

My name is Dylan, and I am one of the trainers representing the Ora team.

A little bit about myself I was born in Auckland, grew up in Taranaki, found my way back to Auckland where I met my amazing partner Sam (who happens to be Cam’s sister)

We have 2 beautiful young girls, Aurora 4, Indiana 9 months.

I’m an ex-commercial fisherman who loves recreational fishing.

I studied a year towards my sport and recreation degree 4 years ago until life circumstances put that on hold and took me back to fishing.

Since then I have always had a passion for exercise and gained all my “ZUU” Certificates over the past couple years and I'm currently studying at AUT towards my level 5 PT cert.

A quick explanation on “ZUU” for people who have never heard of it,

No equipment, High Intensity Low Impact Body-Weight Training, primal dynamic movements, regressions for all levels of fitness, focusing on range and mobility.

I look forward to sweating with you all, sharing some “ZUU” culture and hopefully one day meeting you all.

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