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Balance, Freedom & Discipline

The age-old saying Discipline equals Freedom Is 100% true, but you also need balance for long-term success!

If you're hopping off the couch & just starting your fitness journey, having a level of balance is crucial.

The 80%-20 rule is a great way to start implementing a diet and training regime into your life.

Eating 100% clean every weekday and on the weekends allowing yourself something special to look forward to is an outstanding balance.

Whether that's going out for dinner, having a beer with a friend & watching the rugby, these treats allow you to feel unrestricted and able to live parts of your current lifestyle still.

Remember, though, discipline is the key to happiness!

You have to experience pain, you have to get up early and put in brutal bouts of effort, so when that Saturday afternoon comes around you, When you head out for takeaways, or crack that beer or head out for nice dinner with a loved one, you will appreciate it a lot more.

And that feeling that comes over you is Freedom!!

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