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Yoga by the Sea

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Our 28-Day Reset will get you in the best shape of your life.

We implement not only exercise & an animal-based nutrition approach, but we also use tools such as breath work and Co2 Tolerance protocols to calm your nervous system and reset you to our ancestral default setting.


Expect not only to look great but to feel calmer and more level-headed.


What to expect over the next 28 days.


You will follow an animal-based nutrition approach that prioritizes protein and fruits (as our ancestors did.)

You will work out or do some physical activity every day for 28 days.

There will be short breath work exercises which we will get you to complete most days.

There are also cold therapy options that will further enhance your 28-day experience.



Each week we will have online group check ins.

We will go over various topics from nutrition, injury prevention and training methods.

These will be recorded for anyone that cannot make the set times and posted in our 28 Day Reset Facebook group.


The program overview

  • Animal Based Nutrition Plan with Recipes

  • 7 x Online Workouts full length & instructed each week

  • Breathing Exercises to Calm your Nervous system.

  • A supplement guide

  • Protocols for better sleep and recovery

Measurements and prizes.

The 28 Reset Challenge will be judged on total Centimeters loss.

You have two measurements to take pre and post challenge, Waist and Chest.


1st - $600 Cash

2nd - $300 Cash

3rd - $100 Cash

This Program is not suitable for people who are pregnant or have severe heart problems.

Price: $120
Starts: 3th October

Real People

Real People, Real Results

Raw Steak

Animal based

Starting with Meat!! We focus our diet around the most nutrient-dense food group, red meat. We will implement low-toxic veggies, fruits, dairy & Honey. We also share recipes to help motivate you in the kitchen and share what we enjoy so your food always tastes fantastic.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Online Workouts

Our online workouts are designed to be done anywhere, anytime.
We recommend having a set of dumbbells, and all workouts have regressions to suit all levels of ability.

We will release 7 New Workouts every week

Your goal is complete a workout a day for 28 Days.

This will build lean muscle, which will improve your hormones, and immunity and decrease body fat

Hands Together


We have weekly online check ins.

We discuss health and fitness topics and help you with anything you may be struggling with.

These online meetings will be recorded and posted to our exclusive 28 day reset Facebook page.

What you get

Intense Training

Meet your

Ora Trainers

Want more info?

Fill out the below and we'll be in touch!


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Thanks for your interest, talk soon!

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